The Reign Of Terror That Is Moviepass

When Moviepass was first announced, a multitude of moviegoers jumped on board, creating memberships for the unbelievably advertised price.

However, they soon learned that the old saying did apply to the service—if it looks to good to be true, then chances are it is not.  Now, months later, members of the service are learning just that–it definitely was too good to be true.

Moviepass billed itself as the future of moviegoing.  By signing up for the service, you paid one low fee, usually equally about two movie tickets, and you had unlimited access to attend as many movies as you wanted.

Image: 9to5mac

What Moviepass owners were thinking, I have no idea.  But anyone could see that the math was very ascue, and one had to wonder how they felt they would turn a profit.  Well, they didn’t—they went in the hole hard and fast.

In an attempt to dig themselves back out of that hole, they limited the amount of movies members could see each month.  But, that didn’t really make a dent.

Then, they would only allow you to choose from two separate movies, of their choice, and these movies rotated each week.  If you didn’t take advantage of one movie one week, odds are it wasn’t on the approved list the next.  It would seem that didn’t get them any closer to getting out of that dark hole any faster.

This brings us to their most recent, what some are calling underhanded, tactic to recoup some losses.  When members, who feel they are not getting what they originally paid for go to the website and attempt to unsubscribe from the service, it would appear that Moviepass is not letting them.

Image: Reddit

It would seem that cancellation is not an option.

Those that have gone onto the site, and canceled one day, are informed the next day that their subscription is restarted.  It would seem to be a vicious circle, that current, and possibly future members, will never get out of.  They seem to be stuck with the program and paying for a service that is not what they originally signed up for.

This whole situation brings to mind the old Eagles song (I am taking liberties with the lyrics here)—you can try to cancel but you can never leave.