The Itsy Bitsy Spider Went Down Into Her Ear

A Missouri woman had an unexpected bedtime visitor when she discovered that a venomous spider had crawled into her ear while she slept.

Susie Torres, of Kansas City, Missouri, awake on one morning and knew something was wrong.  She stated she was feeling some unusual discomfort in her ear.  She told a local news station that:

“I woke up hearing a bunch of swooshing and water in my left ear.  I was like when you went swimming, and you have all that water in your ear.”

Deciding a visit to her doctor was in order if only to find out what, if anything was wrong, she was given the once over by a medical assistant.  As it turned out, the assistant did discover something amiss.  The assistant then told Torres that she was going to get a few more people and that she thought Torres “had an insect in there.”

To say that Torres was shocked by what happened next would be an understatement.  The assistant came back in and proceeded to explain to Torres that what she had in her ear was a spider.  As it turned out, Torres admits she was terrified of the little creatures.

Image: Medical News Today

The various doctors got to work and in no time had the creepy crawly out of her ear.  It turned out that the spider was a recluse spider, a species that has been mentioned a lot in the news lately, due to the fact that its bite is known to produce not only a stinging sensation but also lesions.  The lesions can be so severe that more often than not, they require medical attention.

As luck would have it, Torres was at no time bitten by the spider.  Even though she seems to have dodged a bullet with this latest incident, she is not going to be taking any more chances.  From here on out, Torres says she is going to be putting cotton balls in her ears each night before turning in.