Teen Donates Prom Dress, Inspires Others To Do the Same

What started as a simple offer made via Twitter morphed into something much bigger. When Mika Riddick, 19, offered to let a girl in need use her old prom dress to save money, she unintentionally inspired others to do the same.

Using the above tweet, Mika offered her prom dress, shoes, and a makeup artist to a high schooler going to the prom near her home in Maryland. The tweet has since been liked more than 37,000 times and retweeted more than 13,000 times.

“I offered my prom dress because why not? I know so many young women are going through financial instabilities,” explained Mika. “They’re paying a thousand college fees or maybe working overtime to give their paychecks to their families. These are all the things I’ve witnessed young women go through while I was in school.”

Soon, messages started flooding into Mika with interest in the dress. Almost right away, a girl and her mother showed up at Mika’s house to see the dress. The dress was a perfect fit, letting Mika know she had found the right girl to wear her prom dress.

Her mother cried and it made me so happy,” says Mika, “not to see her tears but to relieve her stress.”

It was a selfless gesture aimed at helping one person have a memorable prom. However, not only did the Internet explode with praise for Mika but soon dozens of others followed her lead to offer their former prom dresses to others in need.

From coast to coast, countless young women made the same offer Mika made. Photographers and makeup artists have also started offering their services to young prom-goers who would otherwise struggle to afford their services.

Mika says she’s surprised and excited that others followed her lead. She’s also hopeful that such selfless actions become more common and not so out of the ordinary.

“I didn’t expect it to get this much attention at all,” said Mika. “It’s something I’d do on a normal day for anyone. I’m really happy this all happened though.”