Taco Bell Lies To Customers About Reason For Holding The Beef

Fast food giant Taco Bell has announced they are going to be holding the beef—at least for now.  It is not so much that the restaurant has removed beef from their menu items; it is the manner in which they alerted customers—they pretty much lied.

Taco Bell locations nationwide, alerted their customer yesterday that they were experiencing what they termed a “beef shortage.”  Rather than telling the customer the full truth, that being that the beef products they use had been recalled in specific states due to an issue with health as well as contamination concerns, the company chose to circumvent the truth.

Image: Business Insider

In a statement made today, the fast-food retailer came clean, saying:

“On Friday, October 11, Taco Bell took immediate action and voluntarily recalled approximately 2.3 million pounds of seasoned beef from its restaurant and distribution centers.”

The reason for the recall was reportedly triggered by a customer complaint.  It seems that, at an unknown and yet to be disclosed Taco Bell location, a customer alleged that they found what appeared to be a metal shaving in their purchase of an item that contained beef.

When queried about the possible metal shaving, Taco Bell stated that the food item brought to question was produced:

“ one plant location on only one of the two lines used to make seasoned beef.”

Image: Business Insider

Although it does appear the beef product in question was indeed shown only to be manufactured at one specific factory—it was also revealed that the product was then distributed to five separate distribution centers — those being located in Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Virginia.

Kenosha Beef International, based in Columbus, Ohio, was the producer and source of the suspect beef product and has since shut down all production to the supply chain.   Taco Bell stated on Monday that they could confirm that 100% of the suspected product had been removed and discarded from those restaurants that had been impacted.

Many customers stated that this did not help the fact that in the beginning, because the chain was not forthcoming with the truth, many were left confused, irritated, and outright livid.