Stranger Things Picked Up For Third Season

Binge watchers of the popular show Stranger Things can rest easy. Netflix announced on Friday that Stranger Things has officially been picked up for a third season.

The announcement comes a little over a month after season 2 dropped on Netflix on October 27. Season 1 helped to slowly grow a devoted fan base. It certainly didn’t hurt that the show earned 18 Emmy nominations, including five wins. Then by the time season 2 came out, Stranger Things had widespread appeal and a massive audience, making it easy for Netflix to order a third season.

According to Nielsen, within the first three days of season 2 being released, the season’s first episode had been viewed nearly 16 million times. In addition to being a hit with fans, Stranger Things has also been praised by critics.

The show has been able to blend horror and science fiction with human stories and a wonderful sense of nostalgia for the 1980’s. Stranger Things features a perfect balance between older more established actors like David Harbour and Winona and younger actors who have seen their careers take off with the show, most notably Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard.

Of course, another season creates new challenges for the show’s writers, as they have to account for the younger cast members growing up and becoming young adults.

“Our kids are aging. We can only write and produce the show so fast,” explains co-creator Matt Duffer. “They’re going to be almost a year older by the time we start shooting season three. It provides certain challenges. You can’t start right after season two ended. It forces you to do a time jump. But what I like is that it makes you evolve the show. It forces the show to evolve and change because the kids are .”

Exactly what fans can expect from season 3 of Stranger Things or when they can expect it to be released by Netflix remain to be seen. But the anticipation can officially begin because another season of Stranger Things is on its way.