Seizure Of Marijuana Hidden Amongst Jalapeno Peppers

Americans consume thousands of pounds of jalapeno peppers each year.  However, when law enforcement officials recently cracked open a trailer hauling the spicy peppers, they discovered some unusual items tucked in with the chiles.

Imagine the law enforcement officers of the US Customs and Border Protection reactions, when they opened the doors on the trailer, only to discover that nearly four tons of weed were mixed in with the jalapenos.  The incident occurred at the San Diego Otay Mesa cargo facility.

Rosa Hernandez, the Otay Mesa Port Director, made a statement that:

“I am proud of the officers for seizing this significant marijuana load.”

Image: Fox 13

She went on to say that the officers who made the seizure did their duty in preventing the drugs from making it onto the streets of their community.  In addition, they also prevented the selling and distribution of the products by local criminal organizations.

The estimated value of the drugs that were seized was $2.3 million.

According to the CBP offices report, a 37-year-old Mexican male was the driver of the vehicle containing the drugs.  The incident happened around 6:15 pm, local time, on Thursday.

The officer’s report did not make clear why the vehicle had been flagged for a secondary screening and search.  When a canine officer approached the vehicle, it reacted and indicated that there was something more inside the truck than just the jalapeno peppers.

After searching the vehicle, and the shipment, they discovered and tested a stack of green packages, that was surrounded by the chiles.  The field-test came back, indicating the real properties as those associated with marijuana.

The seizure proved to net 314 packages of marijuana, weighing an estimated 7,560 pounds.  As large as this bust was, it wasn’t the largest that cargo facility had seen this week.

Just two days prior to the jalapeno bust, and estimated 10,000 pounds of marijuana was seized having been hidden amongst a shipment of auto parts.