Once Upon A Time Returns For Season 7

If you like Fairy Tales and Disney then now is the perfect time to tune into the hit show Once Upon a Time. The show is currently coming back for its 7th season and a fresh start. Most of the cast of the show has moved on with only some fan favorites staying such as Captian Hook.

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This is the perfect time for new fans to join in as a whole new storyline is about to begin. This story revolves around the child from the first few season, Henry who is now an adult. He is being guided by his own child who wants him to Once again believe in magic.

This series loves retailing fan favorite stories and this time Cinderella will be one of the staring roles. Cinderella is Henry’s wife meaning a lot of the plot will revolve around their romance. We also have the fan favorite antagonist Rumplestilkins returning to help stir things up.

Many fans are looking forward to a fresh board being set up.  The old seasons and crew had run there course, but there were still a lot of fresh ideas to be used. This season fans are hoping to see Disney characters from the universes that the original 6 seasons didn’t get to touch on.

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This could mean we see Notre Dame come to our Tv’s or maybe even Altanis. Once Upon a Time is a fun to watch show that gives us infinite possibilities to work with. Once Upon a Time is airing every Sunday night so be sure to watch along in the fun!