Officer Claims Individual Bit Into His McChicken Sandwich

In what appears to be a case of severe forgetfulness, an Indianapolis sheriff’s deputy seems to be eating crow—in addition to a McChicken.

An investigation was officially launched last week, by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office into the claims of one of its officers that an employee of a McDonald’s outside of downtown Indianapolis took a bite out of the McChicken sandwich he had ordered before he finished his purchase.

Image: WTHR

The officer who made the complaint, only referred to as “DJ,” by the local NBC station WTHR, is stated to be a regular customer at the McDonalds where the incident allegedly occurred.  “DJ,” when interviewed by the NBC station, commented that he was already hours into his shift, at the Marion County Jail, before he made the upsetting discovery.

The officer stated when he went to warm his McChicken sandwich up, it was then that he noticed a few bites had been taken out of it.  He said he knew for sure he hadn’t eaten any of it, and there was no one else around.  It was then that he thought:

“You know what?  I am going to the McDonalds to see if they can get that taken care of.”

Image: The Independent

The officer did indeed return to the McDonalds in question and spoke to a supervisor.  The supervisor apologized and offered “DJ” free food, of which he stated he “didn’t care anything about.”  “DJ,” said he just wanted the person who ate a portion of his sandwich found and dealt with.

On Friday, the sheriff’s office released the results of their investigation.  From the information that the law officials were able to gather, it would seem that “DJ” had, as it turned out, taken the bites out of his sandwich at the beginning of his shift.  He had apparently forgotten the fact, and as such filed a complaint.