New Evidence Surfaces In A Mysterious Airplane Disappearance—Malaysia Airline MH370

On March 8th, 2014, Malaysia Airline Flight MH370 mysteriously disappeared without a trace while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing China, with 239 individuals on board.  The flight’s sudden unexplained disappearance left little information as to what really may have happened—until now.

Image: The Verge

Jeff Wise, a researcher, and an author was investigating what many refer to, since the flights vanishing, one of the greatest airline mysteries of all time.   Wise claims that, through his investigations, that the satellite communications on board the fight actually show to have switched back on 40 minutes after initially going dark.

Late last week, Wise stated, “Looking at the fine print of the Inmarsat data log, we saw that in fact the system had been turned off and then back on again.”  Wise then laid out what they see as a timeline of the incident, indicating that approximately 42 minutes after the plane had in fact disappeared from air traffic control radar, a message was texted in an attempt to contact the aircraft.  MH 370’s satcom failed to respond to that message.

Image; News Nation


Then, after 22 minutes, MH370 suddenly initiated a log-on with Inmarsat.  The log-on indicated the aircraft was coming back online.  Wise stated that this indicated that the plane had gone dark in the first instance due to a possible electrical disaster.

Another detail that Wise touched upon in his book of “The Plane That Wasn’t There” is that of the Inmarsat data may be seen as a curiosity at first, but as the investigation of the disappearance continues, any information such as this could actually end up having a massive significance in solving the mystery.

The mystery still remains as to why the satcom was switched off, then back on again, as it was never really used.  Factoring in the multiple theories that the plane was actually flown to a secret runway, and one can see how the more that investigators feel they learn, the more mysterious the disappearance becomes.