Nestle Introduces Edible Raw Cookie Dough

Toll House is making waves with its newest announcement, and customers are asking themselves, “just what are they thinking?”  The reason for the uproar is that Toll House intends to take the “cook” out of the cookie.

Although recent reports have indicated that the eating of raw cookie dough is not safe, many, including myself, have indulged in the treat for most of their lives.  Health officials have long warned of the dangers of becoming sick or contracting an infection, namely salmonella.

However, that hasn’t stopped diehard fans from ingesting the dough, and as a result, several companies have introduced what is termed safe-to-eat raw cookie dough to the consumer market over the last decade or so.

Not one to miss out on capitalizing on a trend, Nestle, owner of Toll House, has thrown its hat into the uncooked cookie dough market with their very own brand of edible raw cookie dough.

Image: Simplemost

In a series of events, that started with a tweet on the Toll House twitter account, that included a link to Cosmopolitan, which featured an article that referenced an Instagram post by a food blog, the newest item from Nestle was discovered.

The Instagram post, made by Familyfooddude, stated that he had found the 15 oz containers of the newest cookie item at a Florida Publix Super Market.  He said that he had discovered two flavors—that of chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip monster.

The post created both excitement and surprise from fans.  Several of those who replied to the post were honestly surprised that cookie dough was considered unsafe to eat at one point, going so far as to ask hasn’t it always been safe?

As early as just this last December, the CDC announced a reminder that the eating of raw cookie dough is not safe.  According to the announcement, the ingredients of eggs and flour in the dough can contain both bacteria and salmonella.