Neighbor Turns Boy’s Wheelchair into ‘Star Wars’ Ship for Halloween

Halloween is a special day for kids everywhere. Thanks to a generous neighbor, this year, Cole Geraghty of Parker, Colorado will have a costume this year that he’ll never forget.

Cole has spinal muscular atrophy, a nervous system disorder. He gets around in a motorized wheelchair, which makes it a little more difficult for him to wear an elaborate Halloween costume and go trick-or-treating. But this year, neighbor and family friend Mike Fernandez has taken care of Cole’s costume in a spectacular way.

Fernandez spent about eight weeks building an apparatus that can be placed around Cole’s wheelchair. His creation is designed to mimic the appearance of a TIE fighter from the Star Wars movie series.

For those unfamiliar with the classic movie series, TIE fighters were part of the imperial fleet that attempted to fend off Luke Skywalker and his band of rebels.

The ship Fernandez created could pass as an authentic movie prop, as it wraps around Cole’s wheelchair. Cole also has a Star Wars costume and a toy gun that shoots foam darts so that he can look and act the part of a pilot in the Star Wars.

Cole has already been zooming around his neighborhood in the TIE fighter costume, preparing for Halloween.

Cole’s family says that after Halloween they will give the TIE fighter wheelchair costume to another kid with spinal muscular atrophy in hopes that someone else will be able to benefit from it next Halloween.