Mountain Goats In Colorado Exhibiting Disturbing Behaviors

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife are urging people “do not feed the wildlife.”  On Tuesday, officials in Colorado have issued a warning to those individuals that hike Mount Evans, a well-known peak in the Rocky Mountains, that the mountain goats that call the peak home have been reported at engaging in behavior that has been termed as “unnatural.”

As a result, the park officials are asking hikers not to feed any of the animals, and as such, they are helping to do their part in keeping the local wildlife wild.  They are also asking that when encountering any wildlife not only to forgo feeding them but also to keep a safe distance as well.

Image: KOOL 107.9

After observing the mountain goats all throughout 2018, the officials reported that the goats would like vehicles for the salt on them, they would proceed to put their heads inside of open windows on the cars.  They would run toward anyone with a crinkling food wrapper, they have been entering restrooms, and would even go so far as to tolerate large groups of people around them, taking both pictures and videos from what is considered an unsafe distance.

Officials stated that just last week a video surfaced that showed a goat jumping up on top of an SUV, hanging out on its hood, before moving on to its next adventure.  The Parks and Wildlife agency says that the goat’s behavior change is most probably from experiencing more and more time near humans—whether it is fed by them or having them take close up pictures.

Image: YouTube

Joe Nicholson, a Wildlife officer, stated they have reports of people being so bold as to pick up the mountain goat kids and the mountain goats would then follow the individuals around.  This behavior is way outside the norm for these animals, and people should be vigilant when around them.