Marvel, Disney, And Gunn Oh My

Recent anonymous sources are stating that Marvel is currently in talks with Disney to actually try and hire James Gunn back for Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

As reported by Deadline, it would seem that Marvel Studios has started a “backchannel conversation” with their new owners Disney to try and get them to hire the writer/director back.  Disney had fired Gunn just last month, after a series of eight and ten-year-old tweets that were considered offensive resurfaced.

The new conversations reportedly began after the entire Guardians of the Galaxy cast posted an open letter on the matter of Gunn’s firing, supporting Gunn in the matter.

Image; Digital Trends

Deadline also went on to report that Marvel is working hard to seek a compromise with Disney in the rehiring.  The studios really want to bring Gunn back for the third installment in the franchise.  It is being reported that he recently finished the script, and had planned on beginning principal photography later this year to keep on date with a planned 2020 release.

All of the principal stars of Guardians have been outspoken in their opinion about the firing.  Both Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt have stated they feel Gunn should be rehired.  Dave Bautista has been the most vocal stating if that he intends to quit if Gunn’s script for the 3rd entry is not used.  He even went so far to tweet that is was “nauseating” to have to work for Disney in the current situation.

Image: Screenrant

Gunn has proven to be a money maker for the Marvel Studios, with his first two Guardians movies pulling in a combined $1.6 billion worldwide.  Combine this with the pressure from the cast members, and you can see why Marvel thought it best to begin talking on the subject.

However, Variety has reported that Disney at this point is not considering a rehiring, so time will tell if Marvel will be able to make a strong enough case in the end.

Fans have more than supported Gunn, and like cast members of the franchise, demanded a rehiring of Gunn.  Many have gone on to state that if the third movie does get made, and Gunn is not attached to it, they have no plans to see the movie or support the franchise further.  This is something else that Disney will need to take into consideration during this whole brouhaha.