50 Photos Snapped Seconds Before Tragedy

A photograph can capture a moment in time, frozen forever in history. We tend to take pictures of moments we want to remember.  But, every once and a while a photograph unknowingly captures the moments that we want to forget.  These 50 chilling photos give us a glimpse into the moments before tragedy unfolds.  From haunting historical stills to freak accidents, some of these images will certainly stay with you.

forced to dig their own grave

Rebels digging their own mass grave

In 2002 this group of men posed for their last ever picture. The grave the Chechen villagers were standing in would become their own, and one of several mass graves. Because of the Chechen Wars, nearly 5,000 civilians have been found in similar graves all over the country.

A tragedy 10 minutes in the making

John Lennon right before his death

John Lennon, one-quarter of the Beatles, is one of the most influential musicians of all time. His words and music influenced an entire generation during the turbulent sixties. This picture was taken only minutes before he would be gunned down in his New York City home by one of his fans. That fan is Mark David Chapman, the man getting John Lennon’s autograph in the right of this now famous picture.