KFC Rolls Out New Menu Item In Single Location

As the great chicken war between Chick-fil-a and Popeyes thunders on, a new menu item has slipped onto the scene almost unnoticed—well not technically “chicken” and not technically unnoticed until now.

Image: Adweek

KFC officially announced on August 26th the release of their newest offering of what they are marketing as meatless “chicken” options.  The new additions appear on their menu in the form of both boneless wings and nuggets.  The latest menu items are offered through the retailer’s partnership with Beyond Meat, a plant-based food producer.

Like with most things these days, there is a catch.  The newly offered, aptly named, Beyond Fried Chicken items are only currently being offered in one location in Atlanta, Georgia.  The new “chicken” item officially went on sale on August 27th and reportedly sold out in under five hours.  In honor of the day, both Twitter users and Beyond Meat reported that the Atlanta, Georgia location had rebranded its look to entirely green in honor of the day, to both promote the meatless chicken and amp up the celebration.

Image: Vox

It was reported that when the store opened for the sales day, lines were said to be ‘mile’ long and customers endured up to ‘2 hours’ of wait times.  Even with the long lines, the intrepid customers were more than happy to wait in anticipation of being one of the few to enjoy the new menu items.

With all the reactions posted around the event, the biggest was the monumental desire for more of the tasty new items—both nationwide and worldwide.  Many users and KFC customers took to social media, calling for the chicken seller to make the new tastes available in more cities, states, and countries.  With this adamant call to action by the KFC customers, it only goes to show that the newest ‘meatless’ offerings aren’t going away anytime soon.