Jones Wins Alabama Senate Seat in Surprise Special Election Victory

Alabama just saw one of politics’ biggest upsets as Democrat Doug Jones beat Republican candidate Roy Moore in the special election vote yesterday. Jones will be the first Democratic senator for Alabama in years, which is part of what made this election so surprising.

The polls on this race were all over the place from the time allegations arose about Roy Moore molesting teenagers when he was in his thirties. Even with the polls showing the two essentially neck and neck during the last few weeks, most still believe Jones was a long shot with an uphill battle to Congress.

Now Jones is headed to Capitol Hill. Many folks are unaware of his background in politics. He is a long-time friend of former Vice President Joe Biden, working closely with him during his 1988 presidential run. In the 90s, he was appointed as U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Alabama.

Image by Carlo Allegri / Via Reuters

All the doubters were proved wrong on Tuesday night. In the aftermath of the election, many are still reeling from the closeness of having an accused child molester in a high ranking Congressional office. And a president who endorsed him.

Last night, Doug Jones supporters celebrated the stunning victory, while Republicans began pointing fingers and assigning blame. Some called out Mitch McConnell who withheld support for Moore after the allegations came ou. Others pointed to Republican Richard Shelby who admitted he did not vote for Roy Moore because “the Republican party can do much better”. Trump took to Twitter, congratulating Jones on the victory but also giving blame to the write-in votes.

Two things are certain. One, few (if any) have pointed the finger at Moore. And two, this is another example of the split that the Republican party is continuing to deal with more and more. The last few weeks have been busy for politics with this election campaign, the tax bill being negotiated and pushed through quickly for another vote.