It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s—Supergirl?

In what is sure to be a major upset to fans worldwide, it has been announced that Superman will not return.  Well, at least not with Henry Cavill in the iconic suit.  DC seems to be switching gears and has decided to take their DCEU into another direction and will now focus on Supergirl.

Anonymous sources, according to the Hollywood Reporter, state that negotiations broke down between Cavill and the Warner Bros studios over a reported cameo in next year’s release Shazam!.  The problem was rooted in scheduling conflicts, and as a result, it is being reported the door has closed and Cavill will no longer be donning the Man of Steel’s leotards.

Image: FashionBeans

Cavill co-starred in this summers most recent Mission Impossible: Fallout alongside Tom Cruise.  His role was shall we say not in line with the wholesome image he fans are used to seeing him play.  It was also recently reported that he will appear in a Netflix adaptation of the book series “The Witcher”.

With this recent announcement comes the additional news that Warner Bros plans to now focus on producing a big screen Supergirl movie.  It is being speculated that this would provide a vehicle to not only share Kara’s story, mainly being that she is Superman’s cousin, but also a method to completely write out Cavill’s version of Superman essentially erasing him from the film mythology that will follow.

Warner Bros would seem to be doing a total do-over with their current superhero strategy when it comes to the screen due in part to the disappointing returns on Justice League.  They seem to be going in a totally opposite direction as Marvel, and not play so much of an emphasis on a shared universe for their superhero characters.  They are choosing to go the route of more standalone stories, such as with the highly successful Wonder Woman.  With their characters, DC will only allude to a larger connection within the film universe.

Image: Inverse

It is worth nothing that neither Warner Bros nor Cavill has confirmed or denied his leaving the role of Superman at this time.

Time will tell how fans will take this, what is sure to be seen as a,  major change up in the ballgame.  Cavill pretty much established himself as the new Superman, and just writing him off for the sake of it may not set too well with viewing audiences.