Irishman Gets The Last Laugh At His Own Funeral

Footage of a funeral of an Irish military veteran has gone viral and is blowing up social media!  It seems that Shay Bradley got the last laugh, as he was able to pull off his final prank AFTER his death.

At the funeral of Bradley, father of four and grandfather of eight, a video recording shows several mourners gathered at his final resting place.  They were tearfully burying their loved one in southern Dublin.

As the funeral was being conducted, and the mournful sounds of bagpipes played, the gathered mourners could hear the sound of knocking—which originated from inside the deceased’s coffin after it had already been lowered into the gravesite.

On the video, it can be plainly heard, a recording of Bradley’s voice, as it called out from its final resting place some six feet under.

“Hello? Hello? Hello?” the voice can be heard saying. “Let me Out! Where the f*** am I?  Hello?  Is that the Priest I hear?”

Tears of sorrow and sadness quickly turned to tears of laughter, as the mourners burst out in various roars of uncontained laughter.  After a few more “let me out!”’s the deceased ended with his own version of Neil Diamond’s “Hello Again” as he serenaded the funeral attendees.

Image: Thrillist

Andrea Bradley, daughter of the deceased prankster, posted to Facebook on Sunday not only the footage of the prank but stated that it was, in fact, her father’s “dying wish.”

In her Facebook post, the commented:

“Always the prankster, ya got them good Poppabear, and gave us all a laugh just when we needed it!  I will love you forever.”

The post has been viewed on Facebook 236,000 times and has been shared across various other social media sites as well.   One such site, the Irish Defence Forces Veterans News fan page, stated that Bradleys prank

“…defined the difference between military and civilian humor.”