Idaho Town Thought They Were In The Middle Of A Goat-Apocolypse—Herd Of Escaped Goats Made Their Presence Known

Imagine waking up to finding yourself having been descended upon by—goats!!  That is indeed what the residents of one Idaho neighborhood experienced, and believe us when we say it really got their goat.

An estimated invading herd of more than 100 goats rolled over a neighborhood in West Boise, rampaging and devouring everything in sight—flowerbeds, grass, leaves—you name it.  The herd methodically moved from yard to yard, leaving no part of the landscaping untouched.

Image: KTVB

The goats, escapees of We Rent Goats, were eventually captured by the company’s representatives.  Having arrived on the scene, the representatives of We Rent Goats managed to have the herd placed onto a truck by 9 am.  That was less than two hours after the first calls came into the local Animal Control office.  The incident reportedly occurred in the 10000 block of West Summerwind Drive.

The gathering up of the escaped goats drew quite the crowd of onlookers and reporters.  The crowd was reported to rival the size of the goat herd, with many having their curiosity peaked enough to stop and see what was going on.

In a comment to NBC News, Matt Gabica, owner of We Rent Goats, stated that the members of the neighborhood banded together and herded the goats onto one lawn area while waiting for their collectors to arrive.

He went on to state that those who were helping were enjoying it, and there were little kids, not just the goat kind, everywhere.  Mothers even brought their smaller children in strollers, so that they may see the goats in person.  It was almost like a block party, hosted by goats.

Image: WFMY

According to the company’s official website, We Rent Goats offers herds of goats to rent for landowners to use in the clearing and mowing of large swathes of foliage.  The goats are touted as specializing in the chowing down and eliminating of weeds.