House of Cards Announces Final Season as Spacey Allegations Emerge

Actor Anthony Rapp recently alleged that Kevin Spacey, actor of Netflix’s hit show House of Cards, made a sexual advance at him during a party when Rapp was only 14. In an article published by Buzzfeed, Rapp says Spacey picked him up, put him on the bed, then climbed onto him in a way that suggested a sexual advance. The 14 year old managed to get away without physical harm.

Producers of the show have not said much, but expressed that they were “deeply troubled” after hearing this news. It was announced today that the show would end after the completion of the 6th season, which will debut in 2018. It is unknown whether or not this decision was made before the allegations surfaced.

Spacey has received further criticism for his response to the allegations. He claims not to remember the incident, but blamed the behavior on being intoxicated and offered “his sincerest apology”. Further, he tweeted the following statement: “I have loved and had romantic encounters with men throughout my life, and I choose now to live as a gay man”.

Choosing to come out now is seen by many as a deflection and a way to bring attention to something other than his inappropriate behavior years ago.

The revelations about Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault on a minor come at a difficult time for many in Hollywood as the truth emerges about an ongoing culture of sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry. All of this comes just after the Weinstein allegations piled on in recent weeks. Harvey Weinstein is accused of sexually harassing and abusing numerous women.

Rapp says he was able to come forward with his own story because of the courage he had witnessed during the last few weeks by women and men who shined a light on some of Hollywood’s deepest, darkest secrets.