Ghost Car Runs Amok In Washington State

For a brief moment, those commuters who were traveling along Washington’s Interstate 5, in Everett, might have taken a second look to make sure they were indeed seeing what they thought they were seeing.

It seems a 67 Chevy Chevelle was on “autopilot,” as it rolled off the trailer it was being hauled on.  The, what witnesses were referring to as the “ghost car,” careened across multiple lanes of oncoming traffic, causing an accident before it finally came to a stop.

The incident, reportedly taken place on August 18th, didn’t go without a cost.  The individual who was responsible for the hauling of the vehicle was cited for his failure to secure a load, which garnered them a fine of up to $228.

Image: Motorious

The “ghost car” was self-equipped with an onboard dashcam, which captured every detail of the incident in vivid color.  The video showed the vehicle creating damage across three lanes, before striking a car in the HOV lane.  As if that wasn’t enough, after impact with the other vehicle, along with a concrete barrier, the Chevy proceeded to roll backward into the middle of the road of oncoming traffic.

Luck had it that the other drivers were already aware of what had and was happening, and proceeded to stop before the Chevelle could do any more damage.  The Washington State Patrol verified that no one was reported to be injured during the various collisions.

The Chevelle, on the other hand, did not get off as easily.  Reports indicated that there were visible areas of the Chevy that showed damage, including the front end, the driver’s front fender, hood, the driver’s rear fender, the trunk lid, and both the wheels on the driver’s side.

With the cost of the citation that the individual hauling the Chevelle received and the amount of damage to the car itself, the overall cost is sure to be of quite a considerable amount.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the entire event could have been prevented, as the vehicle was not appropriately secured, including the fact that the car had not been left in gear, or the parking brake engaged.