German Funeral Party Gets An Unusual Surprise

Reports from law enforcement officials out of eastern Germany state that funeral-goers not only grieved their dearly departed, but they did it while involuntarily high.  It seems the mourners were served drug-laced “hash” cake accidentally.

After a burial service in Weithagen on Tuesday, law enforcement stated that the widow of the deceased and members of the funeral party assembled at a local restaurant for cake and coffee.

This is reportedly the German afternoon tradition and custom for those who have attended a funeral.

However, thirteen individuals stated to have experiences dizziness and nausea after ingesting the confection and had to seek out medical treatment.

When police were alerted as to the situation, they found that an employee of the restaurant where the incident occurred had put her 18 years old daughter in charge of baking the cakes.

Image: AOL UK

As it turned out, the mother of the girl had, in actuality, removed the wrong cake from the freezer and served it to the funeral party.

As would be expected to happen, the party chowed down and enjoyed the delicious cake, that is until thirteen of them reported feeling somewhat odd and unusual.

According to the filed incident report, one of the party members had to be transported to the hospital, while the other twelve reportedly sought out medical treatment later that same day.

The hash cake, as stated by the teenager, was, in fact, created for an entirely different reason, of which the police have said they are investigating. Those who had to seek medical attention have reportedly pressed charges in reference to the incident. 

Although the incident happened in August, law enforcement stated that they had waited until now to report it.  They claim the reason for the wait was done out of respect for the mourners, the widow, and all those affected by the ingesting of the cake.