From Millions to McDonald’s: Celebs Who Now Work Normal Jobs

The celebrity lifestyle is pretty glamorous, considering even a B-list celebrity can easily take home millions of dollars every single year. For many celebrities, a career in acting can last well into their retirement years.  However, not every star is so lucky.  Many TV and movie stars end up without work after only a few short years in the business.  Some actors and actresses aren’t even that lucky, landing a single TV or movie role before talent agents stop calling.  Other celebrities end up blowing millions of dollars on lavish expenses, only to suddenly find out one day their credit and debit cards getting declined, house getting foreclosed, and ultimately having to file bankruptcy.  Click Start Slideshow to see who’s flipping burgers!

Frankie Muniz

001-frankie-muniz-856260Frankie Muniz was one of the highest paid child TV actors of all time thanks to his role on “Malcolm in the Middle.” After his TV career ended he starred in several successful yet campy films. Eventually, he quit acting to pursue a career in Formula 1 racing. Muniz also dabbled as a rock drummer, but never with the success he had as a TV star. He was a Formula One race for Jensen Motorsport and spent time drumming for Kingfoil, a group based out of Pennsylvania.

Kirk Cameron


Kirk Cameron skyrocketed to fame on the hit ABC TV series “Growing Pains” but after the show ended he found god and became a best-selling Christian book author and movie producer. Among his Christian-themed movies are “Saving Christmas,” “Mercy Rule,” “Unstoppable,” “Monumental,” and “Fireproof.” His controversial comments about the LGBTQ community and non-Christian groups have landed him regularly in hot water over the last two decades. He continues to work on his own projects even as his star has dimmed.