Fox Had Planned To Make A Team-Up Movie In 2011—Including X-Men, Daredevil, Fantastic Four And Deadpool

On a recent visit to Kevin Smith’s podcast, Fatman Beyond, X-Men First Class screenwriter Zack Stentz dropped a bombshell.

It would seem way back in 2011, Stentz was tapped to write a script for none other than a massive team-up movie to be produced by 20th Century Fox.

He stated that the film was intended to include all of the Marvel characters Fox at that time owned—not just the X-men but also Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, and even fan favorite Deadpool.

Image: Syfy Wire

With the much-publicized acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Marvel parent company, Disney will now determine the future fates of these characters.

The advantage here is that now that all the deals are sealed, and the properties obtained, all of the MCU currently resides under one main roof, as it gets ready to kick off Phase 4 of its grand studio plan.

What does this really mean?  This means that the only thing stopping the cross over movies that many fans have been clamoring for so long will be the studio itself.

Also recently revealed is that when Joss Whedon was hard at work, filming what would become both a groundbreaking and fan frenzy-inducing superhero team-up movie The Avengers, Fox had a few ideas and plans they were secretly cultivating.

Image: Cinemablend

In a statement by Stentz, he confirmed that there was a movie in the works, complete with script development, that would include all the Marvel characters that Fox then held the rights to.

Obviously, the film never got made, but it is fun to imagine how a team-up with the characters would have played out on the big screen.  As fates would have it, we will never get the chance to really know.

Our only solace, as devoted fans, is that all of the MCU’s characters are now resting under the same roof, and one day we may see some team-ups after all.