Fox Found In London Kitchen—Must Have Come For Breakfast

Imagine coming downstairs in the morning, thinking of nothing but that one cup of morning coffee, and find an uninvited guest for breakfast.  That is just what happened to a family in London earlier this month.

The family, located in Mitcham, south west London was more than a little surprised to see their morning guest.  Kim Fryer and her daughter came downstairs one fateful morning to find a fox curled up and making itself at home on top of the microwave in the family’s kitchen.

Image: Ilovemydogsomuch

The culprit was discovered early morning on the 15th of December.  The little fox had appeared to have knocked over some plants but otherwise seemed calm and collected.  In fact, it didn’t even open an eye until the daughter turned on a light.

Mrs. Fryer stated of the encounter:

“My daughter found him at 7 am and called up to me.  I came down and spotted this little fox curled up on top of the microwave.”

The family stated that they have five cats, so they figure that the little fox must have crawled under the fence and entered the home the same way the cats did—through the cat door flap.

Fryer stated that the only real damage she could find was that of a couple of her plants having been smashed, and there seemed to be mud everywhere on the counter.

Image: YouTube

She also stated that when her daughter turned the light on, one of the foxes eyes opened but the little animal didn’t move.  She could tell then something was wrong with it.  They contacted the RSPCA and they came and collected the small fox.

He was transported to the RSPCA’s Putney Animal Hospital, based in London, where he was checked over and closely monitored.  Although at first, the fox seemed weak and lethargic, after a little while he began to pep up and move around.

After another checkup, he didn’t appear to have anything wrong with him, so he was transported back to the area he was found in and released.