Florida Nude Trio Give Officers A Run—Or Rather Chase—For Their Money

Maybe the saying should go “what happens in Florida, stays in Florida.”

Case in point, three women, were recently seen lounging a la natural—in their all-together, at a rest stop in Florida.  If that weren’t enough to pique your interest, those same three women ended up leading law enforcement on a high-speed that when ended saw one of the women attacking officers with a pink baseball bat.

I swear—you just can’t make this kind of stuff up!

According to Pasco County authorities, a report came in Wednesday morning that the three women were lounging in nothing but their birthday suits at a rest area just off Interstate 75.

As reported by WFTS-TV, in Tampa Bay, when a Highway Patrol officer answered the call and questioned the naked women, they informed that officer that they had showered and were in the process of “air drying.”

Image: ABC News

The women also told the officer that the three of them had been staying at a relative’s residence until an argument happened and they left.

Not really having anywhere else to go, the three stated they used soap and water and proceeded to bathe on the grass outside the building at the rest stop.

Although it was reported the trio did get dressed before speaking to the law enforcement officers, they also got into their vehicle and left before officers had finished questioning them.

Image: ABC News

The officers eventually tracked down the vehicle, finding it outside a convenience store.  When one of the women was leaving the store, one of the officers tried to arrest her.

After a malay ensued, the officers tased the trio before taking them into custody.  They were remanded over to the Pasco County Jail, and according to jail records have been there since Friday evening.