Florida Man Drives Golf Cart Into Walmart Store

Walmart can’t seem to keep its name out of the news lately.  If the report were about a big sale, or can’t live without markdown, that would be one thing.  But, it seems the only news the massive retail chain is making these days is that of death and destruction.

On Thursday, a Florida man was charged with allegedly driving a golf cart—you heard that right a golf cart—through the front doors of a Supercenter store.  According to the deputies report, the man managed to hit several shoppers before eventually crashing into one of the registers.

Image: Bay News 9

Fox 13 reported that according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, reports started coming into deputies at about 12:30 pm.  It seemed a disorderly man was in his golf cart, blocking the entrance to a liquor store near the Gibsonton Walmart with of all things his golf cart.  The man refused to leave the front of the liquor store, demanding to speak to a manager.

When law enforcement officers arrived, they attempted in vain to talk the man, 56-year-old Michael Hudson, into coming out of the store.  Instead, just moments later, the man took off in his golf cart—smashing through a crowd of people near the store’s front entrance, forcing customers to flee to avoid being hit and injured.

Image: ABC Action News

Even with law enforcement ordering Hudson to stop, the man continued his journey through the Walmart, driving through the front glass doors, subsequently crashing into a cash register.  Fox 13 reports that Hudson did sustain some injuries and as a result, after being arrested, was transported to the Tampa General Hospital for further medical treatment.

Although several customers were reported as having been treated at the scene, none were taken to the hospital.   As for Hudson, he faces multiple charges including aggravated battery, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, trespassing, resisting arrest, and felony criminal mischief.