Dog That Survives Hurricane Dorian Becomes a Beacon of Hope

In the aftermath of the most recent Earth-shattering Hurricane, Dorian came stores of bravery and perseverance.  However, no story was more gut-wrenching while at the same time heartwarming as that of the story of Miracle.

Miracle is the dog who spent multiple weeks, trapped under an air conditioner, after Hurricane Dorian all but wiped the Bahamas town of Marsh Harbour off the face of the Earth.  The fact that Miracle was even found, let alone still alive, was what made the dog’s name so apropos.

The dog was reportedly located through the use of a drone that was specially equipped with heat-seeking, infrared technology.  Once discovered, a specialized search and rescue team quickly rescued the pup.  The organization behind the search and rescue team, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, flew Miracle to their main headquarters.

Image: NBC4

Miracle was in very a dire state, having been diagnosed with a whole list of problems, including a shrunken stomach, parasites, abrasions, and a variety of infections.  Since being taken in by the search and rescue team, Miracle has not only gained back twice his body weight, but he has even been able to learn how to walk again.

Lauree Simmons, the founder of the Big Dog Ranch Rescue, the organization that took on the rehabilitation of Miracle, told TODAY that:

“We had Miracle in our arms within two hours of him being rescued.”


From the moment Miracle’s story got out, the rescue was inundated with over 10,000 requests for his adoption.  After much deliberation, it was decided that Clark and Brianna Beaty, along with their young daughters, would be Miracles furever family.

When officially announcing Miracle’s new family, Simmons reminded all those in attendance how Miracle had fought so hard to live.  And as a result, he has become a symbol of courage, hope, and love.