Dip Manicure Gives Woman Severe Fungal Infection

A woman in North Carolina alleged that she contracted a massive fungal infection after having a manicure at her local nail salon.

The woman, who asked to be referred to as Bethany, stated her manicure involved a dip powder, and she received the manicure on October 17th.

The Greensboro woman stated that within a week, her fingers were swollen, bleeding, and oozing pus.  She sought out medical advice and was diagnosed with a severe fungal infection.

The physician that diagnosed her condition stated it was likely to have occurred after she had dipped her nails into the same manicure powder that many other customers had also used.

A dip powder manicure is relatively new to the industry.  The nail coloring technique involves a customer picking the color of their choice, and then dipping the nail into the jar containing the powder.

Image: Daily Mail

The nail technician will then brush off any excess powder, and proceed to apply several top coats until the polish is hardened.

Bethany stated that while the technician was filing her nails, she inadvertently cut one of Bethany’s fingers.

Even though her finger had been cut, the technician proceeded to dip each of Bethany’s other fingers into the powder, and the same topcoat process was followed.

Bethany stated that she noticed a few little spots around a few nails.  She tried several over the counter creams as well as soaking them in both alcohol and peroxide.  However, they only seemed to get worse, not better.

When her fingers started to bleed the next week, it was then that she sought out medical advice, only to find out she had a severe fungal infection that was indeed caused by her manicure.

Health experts feel that multiple people dipping their fingers into the manicure powder is what set up Bethany’s fungal infection.