December Road Trip Dreams

Some people enjoy the holiday season with busy schedules, time with family, and winter activities. But December is not always great for travel. Travelling in December usually means visiting family or paying quite a bit togetaway to warmer temperatures.

When thinking about taking a road trip, December probably is not the usual suspect for a time to take said trip, but there are some places that are just right for a more local getaway this winter. Consider packing up the van and taking one of these trips (if the weather cooperates) to add a little adventure to the holiday season.

South Dakota Highway 240

Image by Silvain de Munck / Via Flickr

Few people drive through the Badlands Loop Road  and leave unsatisfied. These scenes and picturesque views are one of a kind. The park boasts a history that is millions of years in the making, and what emerged was iconic. While most visitors would recommend an actual stay here to roam the park and its admire its beauty, even a drive through is well worth it. There is only one lodge and restaurant in the park, so plan accordingly. Also, the road will more than likely be void with few passersby.

Vermont’s Route 100

Image by Doug Kerr / Via Flickr

Recognized by Yankee Magazine as “one of the most scenic drives in New England”, this excursion has real character. It features slopes that will glisten with the right sunlight combination, the small town charm brought by villages and quaint lodges, as well as several attractions along the way to explore history, culture, and good shopping.

Texas Hill Country

Image by Steve / Via Flickr

This 344-mile road trip is meant to be spread out over about for days. And there will be plenty to do and see for those 4 days. The Regional Christmas Lighting Trail will be a must-see even without any snow to complement the one million lights that are strung up. Other notable stops along the way include several museums, including the National Museum of the Pacific War for any World War II history buffs; the Lighthouse Hill Ranch that sports 50-mile views on its 1,000-acre property; and the historic German pioneer town of Boerne. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.