Death Awareness Café Opens In Bangkok

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, a new specially themed café is opening.  Some being cat or dog cafes, to others even being toilet-themed in nature.

However, nowhere are themed cafes all the rage than in Asia—with this new one being the latest to open in Thailand.

Image: The Straits Times

The Kid-Mai Death Awareness Café, which goes so far as to ask visitors to challenge their individual perceptions of life and death, is the latest to open in Bangkok.

The café is the brainchild of Assistant Professor, and director of the Kid-Mai center, Dr. Veeranut Rojanaprapa.

Professor Rojanaprapa stated:

“This idea came from the research about the Buddhist philosophy to create a right – wisdom society in Thailand 4.0.”

He went on to add that what the results showed is that in Buddhism, the awareness of death is strong enough actually to make people realize the value of life.  And, upon realizing this, their greed and anger will automatically decrease.

Thailand 4.0 is the countries economic model that’s sole aim is to improve several challenges on an economic level.  This is done with past models that put an emphasis on agriculture (Thailand 1.0), light industry (Thailand 2.0), and advanced industry (Thailand 3.0).  Economic prosperity and its encouragement is the aim of the government with 4.0.

The goal is to focus in on social well-being to move towards reducing social disparity, while creating a highly-educated workforce, and finally protecting the environment.

Image: Coconuts

Veeranut also sees the fact that many of the young Thai of today are spending more and more if not most of their time in cafes.  He feels this is the symbol of a new generation—one that prefers to freelance, work online jobs, and wish to do so from cafes.

How do the coffins play into the café?  It offers those who chose to take advantage of the coffins time to reflect upon their lives, where they are at, and where they are headed.

It is with this reflection that the individual will become more death aware, and in turn, celebrate life more.