Couple Lives With 5,000 Cabbage Patch Dolls And Counting

When invited to a play date at Magic Crystal Valley in Maryland, some of the fun that can be expected is that of riding a mountain train, a motorized swing, or even a hot air balloon that lift 30 feet into the air.

However, when Kevin invites his friends over to “play,” none of these activities are involved.  You see, Kevin and hundreds of his friends from around the US are Cabbage Patch kids.  And their owners, or “parents” if you will, are humans that are absolutely obsessed with what some say are the ugliest dolls ever to hit the store shelves.

Image: The New York Times

The cuddly, and yes ugly, dolls hit store shelves in 1983 and took the nation by storm.  People would stand in line for days to get the chance to own one of the coveted dolls.  Fights broke out, police would be called, and all in the name of having a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Pat and Joe Prosey are 64 years old and have a grown real-life daughter.  However, they also own 5,000 of the dolls, which they say they consider as their own children.

“They are kids.  We don’t use the word D-O-L-L – they might hear.”

Image: Carroll County Times

Joe is a former shipyard worker who built a unique playground for his fellow doll enthusiasts.  Although most do admit they are collectors, they also claim it is not about the money.  It is all about the obsession that is and for their “babies.”

The Poseys have even been featured on the TLC series “My Crazy Obsession.”  When highlighted, they were just as upfront about their love of the dolls, in the vein of being their children, then as an inanimate object.  They feel that you only go around once in life, and you need to give and get, all the love you can.