Condom’s Turning Up In Child’s Play Areas Of McDonald’s—Parents Livid

A woman, identified as Annie, reportedly took her daughter to McDonald’s as a treat.  However, what started as a fun day out for the mother and daughter, soon ended up pretty much a disaster.  The reason being that the mother was said to have allegedly found her 2-year-old daughter with an unwrapped condom—in her mouth!

The incident occurred in Queensland, Australia.  After the child had enjoyed the indoor play area at the McDonalds, she returned to sit down with her mother.  When she did, that is when the mother discovered the not so age appropriate item that her daughter had found.

Image: Yahoo News Australia

The little girl was said to approach her mom saying “Mummy look!” as she preceded to put the item in her mouth.  The mother was initial shocked, but was able to respond “Oh!’ and successfully smack the unopened condom out of her child’s hand, causing it to fly underneath the table.

The child informed her mother that when she found the condom, which she thought was a balloon, it was already unwrapped.  The mother then notified the McDonald’s staff, who did apologize, but also stated that it was probably left in the children’s play area as something of a joke.

The mother then stated she told the staff “Joke or not, my kid’s just had it in her mouth.  I don’t know where it’s been.”

Annie then said she left the entire meal that she had paid for and alerted the staff that the condom was still lying underneath the table.

Image: Daily Mail

A McDonald’s spokesman, in a statement to Daily Mail Australia, did confirm that an investigation was conducted, but all that was turned up was that the incident was merely “some kids playing around.”

A similar incident, involving a condom, occurred just weeks before this one, also at a McDonald’s but in Warnbro.  A woman had reported that her husband found their young daughter sucking on a used condom in the dining area of the restaurant.