Comedian Pete Davidson Requiring NDA To Attend His Shows

It is not uncommon this day in time for most entertainers to restrict audio and video recordings at their appearances or concert venues.

However, it would seem that one comedian is taking it a step further, and in the process causing quite the stir.  So much so that his fans are not laughing.

Multiple venues have reported that Pete Davidson, a former Saturday Night Live alum, is making any fans that want to attend and view his comedy shows sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

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Image: Vanity Fair

As if that isn’t shocking in and of itself, the amount attached to the NDA is a cool $1 million.

Considering that we live in a world ruled by the age of the internet, it wasn’t long before the story got out.

One fan, who was planning to catch his show before Thanksgiving, in San Francisco, took to Facebook with screenshots of the very NDA document she had received.

The fan also posted:

“I got an email today informing me that in order to see this show, I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  In the NDA, the signer CANNOT GIVE ANY INTERVIEWS, OPINIONS, OR CRITIQUES in about it in ANY form whatsoever, including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social networking.”

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Image: Insider

The individual who made the Facebook post went on to say that the NDA also allowed the authorities on site to seize and destroy any contents on PDA’s and cellphones.

Finally, any breach of the NDA would result in the signer paying $1 million in both legal costs and damages.

Many can understand the confiscation of any recording devices, including cameras and phones, as this is pretty much standard practice this day in age.

However, the individual who posted the specifics of the NDA to Facebook did take issue with the other requirements listed.  She felt that they were somewhat “over the top.”

According to an article in Variety, those planning on attending his Chicago show were required to sign the same NDA ahead of time.