Choosing the Coach Seat over a New BMW

Many people like to travel. Visiting new places, seeing history unfold, tasting the culinary genius of other cultures is one of life’s greatest joys.

But how many people would choose the coach seat with only one carry-on bag allowed over the shiny new BMW? Not so many. And it is a difference of priorities that many people feel, but few truly understand.

There are people who view having nice things as a form of status. Having the 4 bedroom house in the suburbs with the two (or three!) car garage, the 2015 Prius, and being able to shop at Trader Joe’s is the dream. To some. And to others, that is the chain.

It is because most people cannot have the things they want and 3 vacations a year. Unfortunately, many are working with limited funds, so it is just not the reality for many folks

So, often there is a choice. And it looks easy. Who really needs three vacations? But for those who get their thrills, joys, happiness, and accomplishment from traveling or vacationing, it is the goal. The same as driving the new car or purchasing that new home. There are some people who look forward to a weekend getaway more than holidays and who would take the month long trip to Costa Rica over a marble counter-top in the kitchen. And understand, too, that having any of these “choices” is a privilege in and of itself.

For the wandering souls, it is not just about adventure and thrill-seeking. It is an investment. An investment in a lifetime of unique experiences, countless memories, new traditions, more smiles, and yes… adventure, too. Traveling is a lifestyle much the same as the four bedroom house and 2015 Prius.

So, ask yourself which is your dream? And it’s okay to be the one who chooses the nicer things and more convenient, less frequent vacations. Or to fall somewhere in the middle. But it’s also okay to choose the coach seat over the new BMW.