Chicago Gator Chance The Snapper Finally Nabbed

After a wild week, the likes of which the city of Chicago may never see again, an alligator nicknamed Chance The Snapper has finally been caught.  After 36 consecutive hours of both surveillance and tracking, the wiley Chance was nabbed.

Image: Inside Edition

Chicago wildlife officials, along with Florida alligator expert Frank Robb, remained vigilant in their task of capturing the estimated 5-foot-long gator.  Robb owns a business, Crocodilian Specialist Services, based in St Augustine Florida.

To aid in narrowing down the field of search, officials proceeded to close off any roads or paths that were near the lagoon where Chance had been spotted multiple times.  Officials also requested that residents avoid the area of the park and keep noise to an absolute minimum.

Finally, after much patience, the gator was captured at around 1:30 am local time.  Robb states it was at that time that he saw the gator’s eyes as they shined in the darkness.

Image: Washington Post

Robb also said that the gator, actually a male weighing in at approximately 30-40 pounds, began to do some “vocalizing.”  Robb recounted the capture at a news conference where he answered questions, and the infamous gator was unveiled.

At the news conference, a reporter asked Robb to reenact the gator’s “vocalizing.”  Robb laughed, replying that it was a trade secret.

Robb recounted how he was able to catch Chance, saying that after he had managed to move into position along the shoreline, as he caught the gator with a fishing rod—fate would have on his first attempt he was able to snag the base of the gator’s tail.  Pretty much “one cast and done,” as Robb told it.

Even though the line he used had a good 200-pound test strength, because the hook was, in fact, set so loosely, it managed to fall out when Robb grabbed the gator.  Chance is now resting as a guest of Chicago’s Animal Care and Control, while he awaits his transfer to an alligator sanctuary.