Cell Phone Credited For Saving An Australian Mans Life—But Not In The Way Expected.

In a report from the New South Wales police, a 43-year-old man is alive today only because of his cell phone.  In what could only be perceived as an instance of sheer luck, an Australian man’s life was saved when his cell phone was able to stop an arrow from hitting him.

The incident occurred when the alleged attacker, who was carrying a bow and arrow, confronted the victim outside his house, according to the New South Wales police reports.  When the victim raised his cell phone, in an attempt to snap a photo of his supposed attacker, the alleged assailant proceeded to shoot his arrow at the victim, however, the arrow actually embedded in the cell phone.

In the process of a split second, the cell phone went from being a camera to the that of becoming a shield.  In doing so, it is suspected that the cell phone not only protected the victim from what could have been a potentially severe injury but may have also saved the victim’s life.


When the arrow hit the victim’s cell phone, it pierced the casing, knocking the phone back into the victim’s face.  The 43-year-old was stated to have only received a small cut on his chin in the wake of the bizarre incident, however, pictures released by the New South Wales police, featuring the cell phone with the arrow still embedded inside, show that that the attack could have easily been much worse than it resulted in being.

The attack reportedly occurred in the town of Nimbin, which lies 100 miles south of Brisbane.  The two men were reported to have known each other before the attack, and the alleged attacker is said to have been charged with assault and property damage, with his court appearance set for next month.