Canadians Are Falling Victim To A Real Life Hamburglar

It would seem that for one individual the love for McDonald’s Big Mac’s has no bounds—so much so that they will use others money to pay for them.

In a report by Fox News, Canadian customers have been reporting that there have been multiple fraudulent charges on the McDonald’s mobile app.  At this point in time, authorities are not sure if this is the work of just one person or a larger number of people.

The managing editor of MobileSyrup, Patrick O’Rourke, told of his own experience when trying to use the app.  After recently downloading the McDonald’s app, he attempted to purchase himself a cup of coffee at one of the retailer’s chain locations in Toronto.  As fate would have it, the transaction failed and was declined.

However, over the next two weeks, he was the victim of over $1,500 in fraudulent purchases that had in actually been charged, through the app, to his account.  O’Rourke stated that not only were each of the charges under $25 each, but they were also made within mere minutes of one another.

O’Rourke was able to get his money refunded, as stated to Fox News, but he was also quick to add that he wasn’t at all happy about McDonald’s response to the situation.

Image: Eater

O’Rourke stated that McDonald’s is not taking responsibility for the incident, and to add insult to injury is that he was not an isolated incident.  He said that dozens of people have experienced the very same issue, and have reached out to tell him about it.

As for McDonald’s, they reminded all users of the app to make sure to be diligent and not give out passwords to others, to create unique passwords, and to change passwords on the app often.  They also advised if users of the app notice any unauthorized purchases, it is up to them to contact their bank to rectify the incident.

It is still unknown who the actual culprit is that is making all the fraudulent charges, but social media has given him (or her) the title of the Hamburglar.