Canada Builds First Tiny House Village For Homeless Vets

America could take a good lesson from its Hoosier neighbors to the north.  Canada has done what many have talked about but never followed through on—they provided for their homeless veterans.

Thanks to the care and concern of many of the residents in Calgary, over a dozen former soldiers from the Canadian Armed Forces, who, until now, have had to sleep on the streets, have been provided with the comfort of a roof over their heads.

Image: CNN

The tiny house village, located in Calgary, has been termed the “Homes for Heroes.”  The first of its kind, the complex provides housing for homeless veterans exclusively.  And the best part—the first occupants are getting ready to move in this weekend!

The tiny houses, of which there fifteen of currently in the village, are equipped with all the necessities.  They each feature cable TV and internet, as well as each having their own fully-functioning kitchen, as well as their own deck to relax on in the evenings.

The developers of the tiny house village took in to account other needs that the veterans may have and took their design concept a bit further.  Services available for the residents of the complex include mental health support, counseling, career training, mentoring, case management, and even the option of participating in the onsite community gardens.

Image: Calgary Herald

David Howard, president of the Homes for Heroes Foundation, stated:

“Our team at the Home for Heroes Foundation has met with hundreds of veterans who are in crisis and experiencing homelessness.  We wanted to build them a program that can help them with a successful transition to civilian life.”

Howard went on to remind that Canadian veterans are warriors, who take great pride in their service, and their Canadian citizenship.  They just need a hand-up during these difficult times, not a hand-out.