Camp Snoopy Witnesses Brawl Involving An Estimated 300 Teenagers—Say What?

A massive brawl, involving an estimated three hundred teenagers, was captured on cell phone video on Saturday night.  The incident, which reportedly occurred at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri, resulted in the dispatching of multiple law enforcement agencies to the scene.

Law enforcement reports indicated that the massive brawl was reported to have begun at 9:30 pm, outside Camp Snoopy, the children’s Peanuts-themed area of the park. By the time law enforcement had arrived, the massive brawl was well underway, as well as being way out of hand.  Madi-Lynn McDaniel, 25-years old, not only witnessed the brawl but was able to capture most of it on her cellphone.

In a comment to the Kansas City Star, McDaniel stated that there were “at least 10-15 different fights” that were happening all at the same time.  The officers would succeed in breaking up one fight, to turn around and be attacked by the individual’s friends.

Image: KSHB

According to McDaniel, most of the teenagers involved in the brawl were between 14 and 16 years old.  She also stated that considering all the punches that were being thrown, no one appeared to be very badly hurt.  The footage that McDaniel captured on her cellphone has popped up on social media, is that the young girl was more than happy to share it.

She posted to Facebook that:

“No one could leave because of how big the fight was.”

She also stated that she and the rest of her party were afraid to try to leave fearing that they would get pepper sprayed.

The Sheriff’s Office of Clay County, one of the local law enforcement agencies that responded to the call, has reported that a 17-year-old male was cited at the scene of the incident for “peace disturbance” but was subsequently released.  No other arrests were reported to have been made, and there were no reports of injuries.