Best Travel Sports for Ghost Tours

Fall is the time of year for scary costumes, spooky hayrides, and haunted houses. What better way to embrace the Halloween spirit than to base your travel plans around the best places to frighten yourself. There are plenty of cities and towns all across the United States that are known to be haunted by spirits and where you may actually have a chance of meeting them face to face (well, sort of). Here are the best places to visit if you want to take a genuine ghost tour.


The biggest draw in Gettysburg is, of course, all of the historical sites that mark the location of the most famous battle of the Civil War. But you can’t forget that over 40,000 soldiers died in that battle, almost all of whom were young men who died far beyond their time. That’s a recipe for some haunted spots throughout the town. Gettysburg offers a plethora of ghost tours that visit hotels, former hospitals, and other sites where you may encounter the spirits of Civil War soldiers.


The city of Savannah was literally built upon an old Native American burial ground. The city is also home to the final resting place of slaves and Civil War soldiers who died far too young and led unfulfilled lives. That combination has created a massive population of spirits that supposedly reside throughout the city, including hotels, restaurants, private homes, and of course, many of the cemeteries within Savannah city limits. If you’re anywhere in Savannah after the sun goes down, there’s a good chance you’ll sense some paranormal activity.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the place to go for a more laid-back and star-studded ghost tour. Obviously, this is a city known for creating ghosts and spirits on sound stages, but there’s a little more to it than that. If you venture into old Hollywood, they say the ghosts of some of the most famous actors who died young still linger around some of the hotels in that part of town. For instance, Marilyn Monroe haunts the Roosevelt Hotel while John Belushi’s spirit remains at the Chateau Marmont, where he died. To find out what ghosts of former stars still haunt Los Angeles, you have to take a ghost tour around old Hollywood.