Best Places To Spend Christmas on the Beach

For most people, Christmas is celebrated indoors. While the snow flies outside, families gather around the fireplace when unwrapping their presents on Christmas morning. But there is an alternative to this, namely Christmas at the beach. Yes, it’ll feel unnatural at first, but there’s a lot to like about taking a trip to a warm climate during the holidays and getting some rest and relaxation on the beach. If this sounds appealing to you, here are a few great locations to consider if you want to spend your Christmas at the beach.


Let’s be honest, who among us hasn’t dreamed of a Christmas in Hawaii? Among the state’s many islands, Kauai is the ideal locale for the holidays. Aside from spending your holiday relaxing on the island’s white, sandy beaches, Christmas is also a perfect time of year to enjoy surfing and other water sports. December is also peak season for whale watching off the coast of Kauai. Of course, you’ll also find plenty of holiday-themed events on Kauai, including a lighted Christmas parade, Christmas hula concerts, and Kauai’s Festival of Lights.

Key West

Tourism is more or less back to normal after the recent hurricanes, making Key West an ideal location for the holidays. Christmas is actually celebrated throughout the month of December, so you could even make a pre-Christmas visit down to the Keys. Not only can you enjoy the beach, water sports like snorkeling, and the gorgeous scenery, but there are also special events all month long. Key West hosts a lighted boat parade, a lighted bike parade, and a night of Christmas music at Ernest Hemingway’s house. Rest assured, Key West is a place that takes celebrating Christmas seriously.

San Juan

Tourism is also getting back to normal in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and there’s no better way to help that island rebuild than spending money there as a tourist. The people of San Juan love to celebrate Christmas with decorative light displays and classic Christmas songs performed with a Caribbean twist. Throughout the month of December, and even into January, there are holiday-themed festivals for tourists to enjoy, on top of beaches and other attractions in Puerto Rico that can be enjoyed year round. San Juan is also a great place to pick up some unique gifts just in case you haven’t finished your holiday shopping.