Austrian’s Are Kissing Cows All In The Name Of Charity

Officials within the Austrian government is warning its citizens—don’t try this at home.

The warning is aimed at a popular bizarre Swiss app that challenges individuals and followers to kiss cows in an effort to help raise money for charity.

The Castl app launched its very own “KuhKussChallenge” earlier this week, in which those in Switzerland, Austria as well as other German-speaking countries are urged to kiss cows—with or without tongue is the kissers own decision.  The Agence France Presse reported the challenge was aimed at raising funds for charity.

Image: Kai Shanti

Austria’s minister for sustainability and tourism, Elisabeth Kostinger, stated that the challenge can only lead to “dangerous mischief.”  She went on to warn that pastures are not meant to be petting zoo’s, and as a result that the act of trying to cows could end up having very “serious consequences.”

She also reminded the individuals thinking of taking up the challenge, that by nature, cows can become very aggressive, especially when they feel that their calves may be threatened in some manner.

Image: LADbible

According to a translated tweet [posted by Kostinger:

“Negligent handling of Austrian pastures has led to serious accidents in the past.”

She went on to say that this type of challenge is one that she just does not understand.

The Castl app, which is on Google Play and touts itself as the internets “first true challenge community” urges its users to let themselves be challenged, as well as challenging others—doing crazy things all for a good cause.

It is not clear, however just how the stunts that the app promotes actually end up raising money for charity.  The app itself states that every challenge “winner” will donate half of his or her take to a “charitable project” of their choice.

Users are rewarded with “stars” that may be exchanged for their choice of rewards.