Australians Can Now Get Burritos Delivered To Their Home by Drones

Of all the uses for drones, this one may be one of the best. People in rural parts of Australia may now be able to get burritos delivered right to their door by drones.

Project Wing, an affiliate of Google, has announced that it is testing out a new drone delivery service with help from a drugstore and taqueria chain in Australia that will result in both burritos and medication falling from the sky right into people’s front yards.

The testing is being done in rural communities around the Australian capital of Canberra, where people typically endure a 40-minute round trip every time they need something as small as a carton of eggs, burrito, or medicine. Project Wing is testing whether it’s possible to deliver some of these items via drones to similar rural environments.

Project Wing drones don’t require any kind of runway for take-off or landing, and they are capable of traveling long distances. This makes them ideal for delivering products to rural areas, which can be of great assistance to people living in secluded corners of the world.

By delivering hot food from a restaurant and a multitude of items of different shapes and sizes from a drug store chain, Project Wing hopes to learn how to overcome many of the challenges that stand in the way of drone delivery.

“The information we gather from both of these test partners will help us build a system so that merchants of all kinds can focus on what they’re good at — like making food or helping people feel healthier — rather than being distracted by complex delivery logistics,” explains Project Wing manager James Ryan Burgess.

With each delivery, Project Wing learns more regarding how drones need to traverse various obstacles within a yard such as trees and fences, as well as where to place items in a way that’s convenient for the customer. There’s also much to learn about packaging products in a way that makes them safe for drone delivery.

Of course, Project Wing is not the only group that’s trying to perfect drone delivery. There are several other companies, including Amazon, working toward a similar goal. For consumers, that competition hopefully means that the day is near when all of us can have our burritos delivered right to our home by a drone.