Arizona Burger King Serves Customer Raw Chicken Sandwich

One can only assume that this Burger King customer may very well be “chicken” to order there again.  A grandmother, Charlotte Parker of Goodyear, Arizona, purchased her 13-year-old granddaughter a sandwich at her local Burger King last Thursday.  However, the grandmother ended up getting more, or maybe less than she had expected.

Upon paying for the sandwich, Parker and her granddaughter proceeded to enjoy their meal.  However, after just a few bites, Parker’s granddaughter Caitlin turned to Parker and made mention that something was wrong with the sandwich she was eating.  She asked Parker:

“Nanny, what’s wrong with this?”

Image: azfamily

In a statement to KTVK, the local news station, Parker recalled that she asked Caitlin what she meant by what was wrong with it?  Her granddaughter then handed the sandwich to her, and Parker was shocked.  The meat was completely raw and as pink as could be.

Parked stated she contacted the Burger King in question, and the restaurant’s employees apologized.  Although they offered a refund, Parker noted that the entire reaction left a rather bad taste in her mouth.  She said she didn’t feel like they really understood her actual concern.  She told Inside Edition that she felt like they just kind of blew it all off as if to say “Oh well, we didn’t cook it long enough.”

Parker also stated that if she had taken her other granddaughter, Layla, that day, the situation could have taken a particularly deadly turn, as Layla suffers from a weakened immune system.  The corporate offices of the famous national food chain issued a statement that apologized for their employees serving of the uncooked sandwich.

If the Parker incident wasn’t disturbing enough, the Goodyear incident was not an isolated one.  Reports state that similar dining experience was had at a different Burger King, also in Arizona, just last week as well.