Mysterious Structures Found in Saudi Arabia; Gates to Hell?

Archeologists found approximately 400 mysterious stone structures in a remote desert called Harrat Khaybar in Saudi Arabia using Google Earth.

The experts believe that the stone structures, which they call “gates,” were built by nomadic tribes thousands of years ago across the old lava domes. Based on the strange features of these ancient structures, many are asking; are these gates to hell?

Professor David Kennedy of the University of Western Australia said the exact age of these ancient gates is still unknown and their purpose remains a mystery.

He wrote in a November issue of the Arabian Archeology and Epiraphy that the gates “appear to be the oldest man-made structures in the landscape” and “no obvious explanation of their purpose can be discerned.”

These ancient gates have varying sizes—the smallest is 34 feet and the biggest is 1,700 feet.  According to Professor Kennedy, these mysterious stone structures are located in “bleak, inhospitable lava fields with scant water or vegetation.” He added that the places are among the “most unwelcoming to our species.”

Professor Kennedy has been studying other types of stone structures such as “kites” and “wheels” (named after their shapes) in Jordan, a neighbor of Saudi Arabia. He has taken thousands of aerial photographs of the structures. These structures are scattered over the lava fields, which stretches from Jordan to other countries including Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Experts suggest that these ancient gates were built when the volcanoes were active. They are wondering why? Right now, they have more questions than answers.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Saeed, a neurologist and founder of Desert Team, a group of non- archaeologists interested about their national heritage, learned about the ancient structures the lava fields of Saudi Arabia in 2004. His team was the first to share about to a wider audience, according to Professor Kennedy.

Saudi national first discovered the ancient stone structures

In an e-mailed statement to the New York Times, Dr. Al-Saeed said, the explored Harrat Khaybar. They saw the walls of stacked stones about three feet high, but did not appreciate it at the time. However, he was astonished when he saw the updated images of Harrat Khaybar from Google Earth in 2008.

He wrote, “I was literally stunned and could not sleep that night. Flying like a bird all over the Harrat from one enigmatic structure to another! How come we passed by these structures without appreciating their design?”

Dr. Al-Saeed and his colleagues decided to personally explore and investigate the mysterious structures in Harrat Khaybar, which is 550 miles from Riyadh. According to him, while looking at the ancient structures, they had a lot of questions.  He said, “The question we always discuss while investigating them is, why here? Why in this stony, frightful, rugged land?”

ancient stone structures photograph

They took photographs and sent it along with the satellite images from Google Earth to Prof. Kennedy, who was absolutely baffled. According to the professor, the structures were incomparable with anything he had ever seen in the past. He called them gates because they look like a fence.

“They don’t look like funerary for disposing of dead bodies. They don’t look like structures where people lived, and they don’t look like animal traps. I don’t know what they are,” said Prof.  Kennedy.

According to him, an archeological survey and extensive field work is necessary to determine the age of the mysterious stone structures, and its purpose.