Amazon Delivery Drivers Will Soon Start To Enter Your Home

Amazon has found a way to revolutionize product delivery. Nope, we’re still not at the point of drones delivering everything. Amazon will still have people making deliveries, except now delivery drivers will enter your house to deliver your package.

Don’t worry, they won’t be doing it without your permission. Starting November 8, Amazon Prime members will be able to sign up for a new service aptly called Amazon Key that will enable delivery drivers to gain access into your home so your latest order isn’t sitting by the front door all day.

Those interested in Amazon Key will purchase a kit for around $250. The kit will include a Cloud Cam, Amazon security camera, and a smart lock that’s compatible.

Here’s how it’ll work. When the delivery person arrives, they’ll be able to scan the barcode on your package. This will send a message to Amazon and prompt your Cloud Cam to start recording. Once it’s been confirmed that you’re expecting a delivery, the courier will receive a message on their phone allowing them access to your home through the smart lock. They will deliver the package inside your home and be able to lock the door on their way out.

With the Cloud Cam recording everything, you’ll know if anything unusual happens. Once it starts recording, you’ll even be able to watch the delivery happen live on your phone.

Amazon also says that the service will be viable for things other than deliveries. Friends from out of town, house sitters, and dog walkers can all gain entry to your home through Amazon Key with everything being recorded.

Not surprisingly, theĀ initial reaction to Amazon’s latest service has been mixed. It seems a tad unnecessary, but one can also see how it may be useful in certain situations.

Amazon Key, as well as the Cloud Cam, will both be available starting next month. The service will be available in 37 cities. If all goes well, Amazon has every intention of expanding Amazon Key to all Prime customers.