Alien Stock Is No More As Backer Pulls Out Of Festival

I guess we will never really know what does and does not reside at Area 51.  It seems the organizer of a hyped-up “raid” later this month has decided to back out of the music festival that was planned along with the event.  This is genuinely an alienation of his follower’s affections if ever I have heard of one!

Earlier this year in July, the denizens of social media got all worked up when Matty Roberts “semi-jokingly” proposed that a storming of Area 51 was in order.  As you may recall, Area 51 is a military facility in Arizona that has long been said to contain the remains of the extraterrestrials and their spacecraft from the Roswell, New Mexico crash in the ’40s.

Image: Fox 11 Los Angeles

Image: Fox 10 Phoenix

The planned “raid” aptly titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us,” garnered some 2 millions signatures of individuals planning to attend the event.  It was then that Roberts, and several others, decided to “go big or go home,” as they planned and pulled together a music festival to coincide with the “raid.”

The festival was planned to happen in the small nearby town of Rachel, Nevada which boasts a population of only 54 individuals.  Appropriately, the music festival was dubbed as “Alien Stock,” as reported by KSNV TV In Las Vegas.

Roberts stated that the hope was that Alien Stock would turn what was initially intended as a joke, and subsequently dangerous plan to raid a government military facility, into something more positive.  However, the idea was doomed from the beginning as Rachel was not too keen on the idea of having to handle the massive hordes of alien enthusiasts that would show up.

So what does this mean?  In a nutshell—there will be no Alien Stock.  Roberts announced Monday that he has decided to pull the plug on the event.  His reason?  The lack of infrastructure, possible poor risk management, and the total disregard in reference to the safety of what is expected to be 10,000+ attendees.