A Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler States He Knows Our Future President—Lie Detector Shows He Is Not Lying

An individual claiming to be a time traveler from the future has provided some fascinating information in his defense.    The man states that he was actually born in December 2019, and has traveled back through time from the year 2045.  He also claims he is privy to many things and events happening in our future.

One of his many informational claims is that he knows who will be our US president in 2045.  He also stated that our future, yet to be elected, commander-in-chief during his time is also very widely considered and accepted as possibly the “greatest president” our country has ever known.

Image: YouTube

To validate his statements, the individual agreed to appear in a lie detector test filmed for Apex TV.  In the actual footage, the individual’s face was blurred and pixelated out, however, when asked if indeed he was from the year 2045 as he claimed, on the lie detector screen shows the word TRUE.

The individual also stated that a chip called The One is currently implanted into his hand and that aliens have even landed on Earth in 2045.  All of his statements passed the lie detector screening as being true.  At that point, he was asked the question of whether or not dinosaurs have been cloned and he replies “yes.”  He goes on to state there are even what is referred to as “dinosaur zoos” that feature a T-Rex and Velociraptors.  “If they existed, you can see them.”

Image: YouTube

When asked straight out who the president is in 2045, the individual states that it is Martin Luther King Jr’s granddaughter, Yolanda Renee King.  Once again, the lie detector machine corroborates the individual’s answer.

It is worth noting that just last year Yolanda, at only nine years of age, addressed a massive crowd of thousands on the issue of gun control in Washington DC.  Many felt that the echoed her grandfather’s famous “I had a dream” speech.