A Breakout Of Werewolf Syndrome Has Spanish Parents Concerned

Just like something out of a horror movie, reports from Spain indicate that infants are developing what is known as “Werewolf Syndrome.”

Farma-Quimica Sur is being brought to trial for what is being said to be their role in the current unusual hair growth outbreak of infants across the country.

Claims state that the condition, presenting with the growth of excess hair, and informally known as the “werewolf syndrome” was caused as the result of a medicated syrup that the infants had drunk.  The syrup in question was produced by the company Farma-Quimica Sur.

The condition, referred to by the scientific hypertrichosis, presents with the occurrence of thicker, denser patterns of hair, that will sprout from those areas of the body that are more commonly covered by a fine fuzz.

Image: The Sun

The condition has historically not been kind to those who contract the more extreme versions of this rare trait.  They would, unfortunately, attract unwanted attention and often fall victim to being ostracized and even in some cases, they were outcast.  Yet others would find themselves part of carnival-like side-shows, where they would be referred to unflatteringly as “wolf children.”

Admittedly, times have changed since those earlier years of those who carried the affliction being taunted and mocker.  However, for current day parents, their children experiencing such a drastic amount of hair growth can still be both shocking and concerning.

Upon investigating the root cause of the condition, it didn’t take very long before a commonality was determined between the infants.  They had all been treated with the medication omeprazole—use for acid reflux.  However, the medicine does not know of cause the condition from which the the infants were suffering.

When a more in-depth investigation was conducted, it was discovered that some of the bottles marked and sold under the label of omeprazole, were in fact, minoxidil.  Minoxidil is a medication used to treat those individuals suffering from hair loss and male pattern baldness.

Farma-Quimica Sur has been warned that if they do not clean up the problem, and its activities, within the next six months, they may very well be stripped of their license to produce and distribute pharmaceuticals.